Benefits Of Swim That Many People Don’t Know Yet.

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Swimming is considered a sport and exercise. Because swim is an activity that can be enjoyed by all genders and ages. And it’s also useful. Makes it both fun and enjoyable and builds strength in the body. And it is another activity that girls You can choose to use it to “lose weight” because swimming will help burn off excess energy and calories. It also helps make the heart strong. Therefore, swimming is considered a type of cardio exercise.

Benefits gained from swimming

Correct swimming requires taking into account many factors, including physical fitness. Expertise in swimming or health, สมัคร ufabet, primarily for safety. Players must ensure that they know how to swim. And you should warm up your body and joints before entering the water to prevent injury. If you have any problems with exercising. You should also swim in moderation. You should not overdo it. Initially, if you just started exercising this way You should swim at least 1-3 times a week, 10-30 minutes each time. Once you become proficient, then gradually increase to 5 minutes per week.

  • Helps the blood circulation system be good. The heart works better
  • Helps burn fat and lose weight (swim continuously for 15-20 minutes, swim regularly)
  • Helps strengthen muscles Without harm to the joints, preserves joints, reduces joint pain for the elderly.
  • Helps manage, stretch, and stretch muscles better.
  • Helps to make joints more mobile. Helps prevent and treat joint stiffness.
  • Helps you sleep easily. Because when every part of the organ gets exercise The mind is relaxed and worries are gone. Therefore helps to sleep comfortably.

Swimming is an activity that helps burn more calories than usual. The amount of calories burned during swimming depends on the swimming position. Intensity of exercise, body weight, swimming expertise and duration of swimming Normally, 1 hour of swimming will burn approximately 400 kilocalories of calories. If you are an athlete swimming, you will burn up to 700 kilocalories per hour. However, swimming will Must consider physical fitness Because if you overdo it in the hope of burning calories, it may result in injury.

Breathing while swimming is the most important thing, so those practicing swimming should breathe correctly. Each pose has a different breathing method as follows.

  • Freestyle (Crawl or Freestyle) Breathe while turning your head upwards. without having to lift your head above the water
  • Backstroke. The breathing of this position depends on the swimmer. This is because while swimming the head will face up. Keep that nose above the water.
  • Breaststroke (Breaststroke) Breathing according to the rhythm of the arms.
  • Butterfly Pose: Breathe at the end of each arm stroke.