4 high-sugar fruits People with diabetes, cardiovascular disease

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4 high-sugar fruits People with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and those losing weight should avoid it.

Who said eating only fruits will help you lose weight? Because some types of fruit have more sugar than other foods. And if you eat a lot It might high-sugar fruits make you fat again. It also increases the dangers for patients with diabetes, heart disease and stroke. So today let’s take a look at ทางเข้า ufabet some fruits that have a lot of sugar high-sugar fruits:

1. Mango  , whether it’s a ripe or raw mango. The amount of sugar from mangoes is still high, with 1 mango containing up to 13.45 grams of sugar.

2. Bananas  : Each variety has different sugar content. If compared in 100 grams, bananas have a high sugar content of 34.1%, followed closely by bananas with 31.4%, bananas with pearls at 26.3% and bananas with water at 26.1%, respectively. 3. Dates, a fruit that quenches the heat, is sweet and

3.Date palm They are popular to be dried and eaten as a snack or eaten raw. Seeing something sweet like this, did you know that in 100 grams of dates, there is as much as 55.30 grams of sugar? 4. Grapes, a tiny fruit that doesn’t have as much sugar as

4.grape that should It was found that in 100 grams of grapes there are 16 grams of sugar.