“Eyelid twitching” is a warning sign of serious disease.

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Eyelid twitching” is a warning sign of serious disease.

Eye twitching, right is bad, left is good. It may not just be an omen of luck. But it could be an important  health warning sign.

The condition of the eyes closing tightly and the eyelids twitching, many people think is an omen. It can be annoying. It is actually a sign of disease. Always observe symptoms. You should consult your doctor for treatment. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

eye twitching, eyelids tightly closed

Dr. Somsak Akkasin, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that Blepharospasm or tense eyelids It is part of the symptom of focal dystonia, which is a disorder caused by the contraction of the eye muscles. It is more often found in female patients than in males. and the most common age range is Around the age of 40-60 years, it often occurs in both eyes at the same time. 

Symptoms of twitching, eyelids closed tightly

The initial symptoms of this condition are: 

  • There is frequent blinking of the eyes. Patients Eyelid twitching often report a history of feeling irritated and stinging in their eyes. 
  • Starting to feel tense or pulling. or tightness around the eyes, occurring both above and below causing difficulty in opening the eyes 
  • His eyes began to narrow until he couldn’t open them for a moment. 
  • Symptoms will come and go with durations ranging from seconds to minutes.
  • Exposure to sunlight or bright lights 
  • Stressed and worried Often triggers more symptoms Eyelid twitching. 
  • Patients may have a sensory trick or relief from a light touch. in other areas such as the corners of the eyes or cheeks and causing the muscles around the eyes to relax. Found in the early stages of the disease. Then the symptoms will gradually disappear. 

Eyes twitching, eyes tense and closed, more dangerous than you think.

Dr. Thanin Wechachapinan, Director of the Neurology Institute Added that The patient will have symptoms Other conditions that may have similar symptoms Blepharospasm, such as drooping eyelids caused by muscle weakness or symptoms of being unable to open the eyes from the central brain Or the face twitches halfway, etc. Differentiating the disease requires a doctor to make a diagnosis. 

In addition, Blepharospasm It may be part of the facial tenseness. Found together with tightness around the mouth. Or in some cases, the spasms may spread to the neck or the entire body. 

Treatment of eye twitching, tight eye closing

Treatment with medication is rarely effective. Patients may experience side effects from antispasmodic drugs such as drowsiness, dry mouth and throat, confusion, etc. 

At present, treatment focuses on medicine. that acts only and has no side effects Botulinum injections are therefore a treatment used in patients to reduce tightness around the eyes for 3-6 months per injection, which has relatively few side effects and disappears on its own when the drug wears off. 

However, botulinum injections do not cure the disease, they only treat the symptoms. Patients should avoid triggers that make symptoms worse. Avoid driving if symptoms are not well controlled. and watch for other neurological symptoms as well