gourds crabs fish Betting Format and betting conditions

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Betting Format and betting conditions

For the betting form of the gourds crabs fish game It is very similar to placing a Sic Bo bet. You can place a total of 9 types of bets as follows: Before entering ทางเข้า UFABET

1. Low Bet – High Bet

It is a bet on the total number of all 3 dice that come out in that turn. In counting the dice will count according to the symbols of the dice on the following pages

2. Single bet

It is a bet on specific symbols. The payout rate is 1 : 1. In the event that the result of the dice rolls exactly as you predicted 2 balls, the payout rate is 1: 2 times.

3. Single color favorite bet

This is a specific color bet. All results can be any symbol, but there must be 1 ball that matches the bet result. The payout rate is 1 : 1. In the gourds crabs fish event that the result is exactly what you predicted, 2 balls will receive a payout rate of 1: 2 and if all 3 balls are match. The payout rate is 1: 3 times

4. Double color favorite bet

It is a specific color bet, similar to a single color bet. But all results must be the same color at least 2 balls. The payout rate is 1: 3 times.

5. Total Points Bet

It is a specified bet gourds crabs fish. The outcome of each dice roll is between 4 and 17 points. The payout rates are different.