Techniques for playing Pok Deng What is Pok Deng?

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Techniques for playing Pok Deng What is Pok Deng?

Techniques for playing Pok Deng What is Pok Deng? It’s worth knowing if you are interest in playing cards. Because it is the basis of playing cards. Thai people are very popular. For playing poker games 

because it has a pattern of easy play have clear rules making it popular with gamblers very Thai people and more importantly Pokdeng is also the basis and technique of playing Pokdeng. That will lead to playing card games in the online system as well as ever. Let’s go see Study here UFABET

Techniques for playing poker with the readiness to understand can obtain by trying to play

What is Pok Deng ? It’s a card game betting system. popular a lot of Thai gamblers Called as playing cards in all ages all together as a gathering and making money bets that make fun with the players as well 

The steps and how to play that everyone can learn without difficulty. because there are simple rules by counting clear points That is, if the person who gets the most points is 8 and 9, it will be Pok. and get instant bets There is a method that can try to play, bounce, free credit by yourself. 

Because in playing the bounce card game will divide the side into the banker side and player side which goes together with the form of the game of Baccarat, which is an international card game and is open to play in a general casino

So if anyone wants to play Simple bounce card game was able to enter the betting system with a system of card games, baccarat, which has similar rules but is easier to play. Because it is playing in the UFABET

along with the technique of playing bounce Therefore, it is a channel of convenience that will lead to gambling to make money.


Pokdeng then the dealer will deal cards. Give the player 2 cards that will circle to the left. The right But the dealer will be the one. Who gets The last card is dealt one by one until 2 cards are complete. 

When everyone has all the cards, and then counts the total points of the cards in the hand. Which if anyone has totaled the points and found. That the total of the points is 8 or 9, which is called

 Pok Eight, Pok Nine must be turn over immediately. Where Pok Nine will always win, Pok Eight, and if the dealer gets a point, Pok, bounce, all players must show their cards. own immediately

For players who do not bounce or get Pok. But the total is lower will lose the bet to the dealer, but if the player who has Poked like a dealer It is always As for the players who have more Pok The dealer then wins the bet from the dealer.