Cascarino believes Liverpool break another record most expensive

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Cascarino believes Liverpool will break another record for most expensive signings this summer.

Tony Cascarino, famous guru of English football. Confirmed that Liverpool will have to break the record to buy the most expensive player again this summer, of course. Currently, the record is in Virgil van Dijk’s deal for 75 million pounds.

“Personally, I’m quite a believer in the craftsmanship of Liverpool’s buying and selling teams because during the time of Jurgen Klopp, they have made very few mistakes in buying players, most of them are all good and reasonably priced.” said to UFABET

“I still remember last summer people criticize Liverpool for allowing Wijnaldum to leave for free. But in the end, we can see that it doesn’t affect the team as a whole. Plus, they still have a chance to win 4 championships until the last match in every competition.”

“While we used to think Wijnaldum was the most important, Klopp and the staff proved that it wasn’t. Maybe a similar situation could happen with Sadio Mane because now everyone doesn’t want to lose him because he’s been the key man for the whole season.”

“I want Liverpool fans to understand that all the big clubs around the world lose their best players. only depends on time The question is When that happens. How good will it be to find a replacement?”

“As you can see, Liverpool have made all the preparations from the purchase of Diogo Jota to the latest in Luis Diaz, which, to be honest. We know that is not enough. So I’m pretty sure Liverpool will have to break the record for the most expensive players again this summer. Let’s wait and see.”