Manchester City chances of winning the “treble” again next season

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Manchester City chances of winning the “treble” again next season

  • Manchester City have lost a number of key players.
  • Getting new players is not complete as Pep Guardiola wants.
  • Other rival teams strengthened.

Manchester City, the famous club in the English Premier League. Under the leadership of manager Pep Guardiola, gives hope to many opponents this summer. And it was only less than two months after they seized it. “Triple Championship” was great last season.

Manchester City are heading into the new season with a squad that looks not as strong as last year’s, with City set to play in the Community Shield against coach Mikel Arte  Arsenal on Sunday, August 6th.

In the close season, City lost key players Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona and Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez with 15 goals and 13 assists. Last season, he moved to Al Ahly in Saudi Arabia for £30 million.

Both Gundogan and Mahrez have played key roles in City’s success over the years, and their absence at the Etihad Stadium means their side are no longer at the Etihad Stadium . Guardiola has fewer options than before.

While Kyle Walker, right-back for the England national team.

Who has always been the main character in the defensive line, has a high chance of moving to Bayern Munich , where, if the 33-year-old star actually moves to play with the “Southern Tigers” , Guardiola will There are no more reliable right-backs left in the team. Without mentioning Joao Cancelo, who is not in the team plan.

Overall, Manchester City are going through a tough summer. And during the pre-season, the top clubs in England Choose to warm up in the United States, but the “Blue Sailboat” instead chooses to show his pace in Japan and South Korea. Which many people think Barely very useful

This summer, Manchester City have signed Croatian midfielder Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea for £25m, but the 29-year-old alone would not able to carry the burden. got all even if the quality is much. Report from สมัคร ufabet