Xavi explains for the third time about leaving Barca

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Xavi Hernandez has clarified for the third time to explain the reasons for his decision to resign from his position. As Azulgrana coach at the end of this football season.

Xavi Hernandez has spoken to the media for the third time to explain why he has decided to step down as Barcelona coach at the end of the season. Ahead of the 44-year-old boss leading the Azulgrana team to visit home. Alaves on the Liga stage this Saturday. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Friday.

Xavi’s announcement of his retirement this summer is still being talked about in Barcelona. And it became an issue in the past two press conferences. Before Barca president Joan Laporta revealed that. If Xavi didn’t have a reputation behind him, he would probably have been fired ทางเข้า ufabet

Xavi said:

‘If the objective is not achieved, then I will continue. When I arrived I had a good season and achieved my objectives. The second year was very good. and in the third year. We did not meet expectations. But there are also leagues and Champions Leagues. What the president said is what I said last month. I didn’t quit because of the media or my mental health like some people say. The club needs to change direction’ 

‘I understand the criticism. I will leave because we did not live up to expectations.’ Xavi said.

‘It’s not tiring. There’s no mental problem. I’m fine. It’s not because of the criticism. Who knows the club more than me? I just feel like going away on June 30th is the best thing for the club. And I will travel to Montjuic and Camp Nou in the future.’

‘I will resign because it has been two and a half years and the process of becoming Barca coach is priceless. You are fighting against things. And that causes wear and tear. It’s not fun every day. I’ve seen coaches suffer when they win titles at this club.’

‘The other day I spoke to (Joseba) Arrazate (Osasuna trainer) about this. He told me he enjoyed his job from Monday to Friday. But I don’t (Emanol) Alguacil (Real Sociedad coach) enjoyed his job. In other countries you also enjoy the process.’